You deserve to live an authentic life of depth, breadth, meaning and purpose and this world needs women who do just that. The lives you touch benefit from your fully developed gifts, talents, skills, unique style and individuality.

But that doesn't seem to be the pervading message.  As a matter of fact, it seems that we are being constantly encouraged to fit preconceived standards of everything from beauty and body shape to employment and personal possessions.  It is as if we are living under a spell.  A spell that says “society is qualified to tell me my value.  My feeling that there is something more; that I am meant for something more is wrongheaded.”

But it is NOT wrongheaded.  You ARE meant for more.  We all are and it is time we acted on that fact.  It is time for you, me and all people for that matter, to be who we have been designed to be instead of living the role that the world expects of us.  The world’s expectations have precious little to do with WHY we are.  But your dreams, your vision, your creator have everything to do with it.  LIFE is an acronym for Living Intentionally For Excellence.  Whether your goal is to gain an unparalleled financial education, learn timeless, professional leadership principles to soar at your job or excel in all areas of your life through powerful personal development curriculum, LIFE has all the tools you need to do just that!


Some of the world’s top leaders have consistently asserted that MOST of us have a hard time understanding the need or even what it means to constantly invest in ourselves. That even in the most prestigious educational institutions, the clear-cut opportunity to become the fully developed person you need to be to experience success in every area of your life doesn’t present itself often. It must be sought out.  Personal development often comes as a by-product of opportunity, but it should be a primary goal in each of our lives and LIFE has the winning formula.  As a former non-commissioned officer and U.S. Air Force leadership instructor, had I not had the opportunity to develop myself and develop others, I don’t how many valuable opportunities I would have missed because of an inability to recognize them.  I recognize solid leadership curriculum when I see it. LIFE is the real deal and much, much MORE.  And since immersing myself in LIFE, I continue to have exponential growth, clarity, focus and direction in my own continuing journey.  It has been an investment in myself that continues to yield immeasurable dividends.  It is a worthy investment that is not just for certain people, It is for everyone.



In LIFE, we use a Network Marketing business model and with good reason. Networking is the ONLY business model with which something as customized and powerful as personal development can work.  It is the one business model that depends greatly on one's willingness to build a business by building relationships.  The LIFE community makes it possible to be a part of a community of winners.  People who are focused on building themselves foundationally and diligently seeking out their individual purposes all while helping others do the same.  Your earnings and success are based on your personal effort to build your business all while leveraging the experience, contributions and power of the team to build it.  We call it “Team Approach”. You are building a business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.


Maybe you are looking to improve yourself, to discover your purpose by filling the educational void in your life learning with an award-winning curriculum.  Maybe you are you are seeking out a business opportunity to become financially free within the next 2 to 5 years.  Maybe you want to simply want to associate with a community of winners while absorbing knowledge from top leaders who practice what they preach in their daily lives.  And maybe you just know that there is more to life, but don’t quite know where to start looking for answers.  Whatever your situation, the wait is over and it is no coincidence that you are reading this today.  The time has come for you to learn more about what LIFE can do for you, to become the BEST version of yourself!  It is time for you to Live Intentionally for Excellence

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