Woman, Know Thyself... Own Your Story...

Leather work by Sarah Jean Creations: Handmade leather bracelets, custom cuffs and more! (Shop on Etsy)

Leather work by Sarah Jean Creations: Handmade leather bracelets, custom cuffs and more! (Shop on Etsy)



The truth is a powerful thing.  It only loses it's power when we, even with the best of intentions, change it.  

As women we have developed an interesting habit or "coping mechanism" for dealing with the unpleasantness of life.  We have a tendency to remember things as we would have rather them have happened than as they actually DID happen.  We revise history making our story more acceptable to the masses, and then share that revised version, sometimes indefinitely.  Life coaching has taught me that some women will protect the revised version of their story to their own detriment.

Women are DESIGNED to be vessels of love, light and truth.  So as women, we cannot walk away from such a habit as creating false narratives, unscathed.  We become trapped in the story we created, unable to move forward in our lives.  I truly DO understand this as I have done it.  Sometimes there are things that happen in life too horrible to relive or remotely contemplate. These events can hold us fast. Imprisoned, unable to move forward...frozen in time and we will repeatedly replay events exactly as we remembered them WHEN they happened, without benefit of seeing them through the lens of wisdom and understanding. Whether the event(s) happened when you were 5, 15, 25, etc..., some part of you will be forever that age, the issue never able to be resolved and you, unable to progress.  

On the other hand, owning your story in its entirety has the opposite effect.  It empowers you.  It liberates you to see life events in proper perspective. It may not have been the story YOU would have chosen...but it is your story nonetheless. When you can "quit lyin'" {smile} and "own" your story, time can show you that even the most painful events have just as much power to propel you forward as they do to hold you, stuck fast in the past.  It is my belief that every woman would benefit from the exercise of writing her own unedited, denuded, for her eyes only story for and to herself.  Just some of the benefits of doing so are:

  • Increase in compassion and unconditional love for self and others
  • Freedom from the harmful effects of the burden of untruths i.e. a tendency to rationalize things that are clearly wrong
  • Healing of insecurities and issues with self image
  • Decrease in desire to "fix" other people
  • Healthier perspective on your own life
  • Strong foundation and an increased desire to seek out personal purpose and absolute truth
  • Becoming a more reliable source of stability in the lives of those you love
  • An increase in discernment and personal light

 As you can see the investment of being truthful with yourself yields immeasurable dividends, not the least of which is getting "unstuck"  It is a simple and powerful exercise that, if more women demanded this level of truth from themselves, could change the world.  That is why we say here at The Real Leading Ladies, "The LIFE you've always wanted, starts with the story you've never told."