Through serving my country, serving in my church and community, a lifetime of experience, and most importantly, serving my children, I have found my purpose in teaching the rising generation the timeless principles of self-leadership and self-governance.  To never lose their desire for dreaming, finding one’s passion(s) and living out one’s purpose.  All of these and more are vital components to preserving individual liberty, building a life and contributing directly to society through natural talents and giftings rather than being forced to be a cog in a machine.  Often institutions of learning focus so much on rank and file learning in preparation for job training, that individual purpose becomes a “nice to know” rather than a “must discover”.  Anyone can work a job, but it doesn’t have to come at the expense of the solid foundation on which to build a life that facilitates sovereignty and liberty. It is simply not taught in school, but it CAN be taught. I have had the privilege of teaching leadership principles to some of the best and brightest young leaders in America’s Air Force.  Now, through the LIFE Leadership Essentials Series, these lessons are available to the rising generation on multiple platforms in fun and entertaining ways.

Sergeant O’Bannon’s LIFE Leadership School is but one interactive way to bring these lessons to life.  A mission for which I have been being prepared to carry out my whole life.  This generation is imbued with great power and is worthy of respect.  That respect includes preparing them in ways commensurate with the unique challenges and circumstances of the world, of the time into which they were born.  Now, more than ever, clarity, guidance and direction is needed to help this rising generation hone and wield that which they have been given. 

With a curriculum that starts with RESOLVED: 13 Resolutions for LIFE, character, purpose, integrity and many more principles are covered right out of the gate.  It is the flagship of our future course offerings which will include Financial Fitness, Public Speaking and more!  Such simple concepts ready for a generation hungry for the information that will propel them far ahead of their peers.  Arming them with a knowledge of WHO they are, something that is conspicuously absent in a world in the throes of identity crisis.  NOW is the time for this leadership education.  And with an emphasis on encouraging self-education and lifelong learning, this is an investment that yields immeasurable dividends to individuals, families, communities and nations.

So why don’t we start building this culture right here in our own little corner of the world together?  Without exception, ALL greatness starts small, with a dream, an idea and the courage to execute it.  I think this rising generation is worth that and much, much more…

Robin O'Bannon, Technical Sergeant (RET), USAF, MBA

Sometimes it’s only the young ones who are crazy enough to change the world.
— Diana Peterfreund