The Real Leading Ladies of America


We live in an interesting time.  A time when women EVERYWHERE need to, without apology, immerse themselves in the gifts with which they have been endowed by their Creator.  Can you currently lead yourself on such a journey?  Are you humble? Teachable? Courageous? 

While I do not think anyone would argue that we have a leadership deficit in our country.  I also do not think we are altogether clear on how to address it.

Through my own story and lifetime of experiences, I have learned a great deal about women and leadership.  From being a career military woman, to being a divorced single mother raising two boys in the constant cacophony of the 21st century.  And I will tell you that leadership and womanhood are perfectly compatible with one another.

Leadership is not a male thing that we as women need to cut down to size and wear like an ill-fitting garment. Leadership is an integral, innate part of who we are and it always has been.  And by design, blends seamlessly with male leadership.

We live in a time where women are taught to use their feminine wiles to manipulate and shrewdly outsmart others. We are taught to be combative with men and even fight and compete with each other.  In the midst of all of this contention and division, a woman secure in her natural gifts and talents, secure in who she is and whose she is, secure in her own ability to lead is such a soothing blessing to this ailing world.  THAT is the kind of leadership the world is missing from us ladies.

And no one can turn it around more quickly than we can.   

That is why The Real Leading Ladies is bring to the women of the world a simple message and path… 


The Message

Women are designed to lead, particularly at this time in history.  Ladies, we can have tremendous impact on the world's most pervasive and pressing issues.  Especially when we work side by side with men.  In the realm of leadership, like our brothers, we are indispensable.


The Path

Step One: “Own Your Story”.  Only through absolute honesty with yourself can the seeds of truth be planted, take root and grow.  THIS is the path to discovering your passion and divine purpose.

Step Two: “Educate Yourself”.  You are more than a job!  You are more than your looks!  You are the brilliant, gifted daughter of your Creator!  You have a specific purpose and it’s time you act on it and act like it!  There are critical life lessons that most people will never learn that have been labeled as “mysteries” or “withheld from you”.  These are not mysteries and nothing has been withheld from you, you have just been talking to the wrong people! Pursuing knowledge to become the BEST version of yourself in multiple areas of your life (i.e. leadership, finances and relationships) makes for a FULL grown woman with limitless potential!

Step Three:  “Servant Leadership” Once you witness the power of walking in absolute truth and self-education in your own life, consider reaching back and inspiring others to do the same.  Through your leadership and personal testimony you can facilitate a change in the trajectory of the lives of other women.  

We can launch a women's leadership revolution of epic proportions that will immeasurably bless this world and ALL who reside here!

 Yes, I said a REVOLUTION!  Why don't you join us?

The Real Leading Ladies is not a band-aid, symptom chasing pill or quick fix fad.  It is a movement of real women, bound and committed to becoming the leaders we were designed to be. We are about permanent problem solving by daring to get down to root causes. We start with a laser like focus on ourselves.  We know that this is the ONLY way to change the world for the better. And it is not just for SOME women, it is for ALL women.

And my sister, if that isn't worth creating a nationwide movement, then what is?

 Just keep reading...

Robin W. O'Bannon, Founder



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